Self-Love Miami Retreat 
7 days of conscious BEING

My own story with self-love, self-love sundays, manifestation etc.

This program is not only but especially for those of you who just began with their studies and university life. Challenges, orientation, confusion, endless possibilities, pressure, schedules, time management, prioritizing... OMG.​ I´ve been there and now you are. ​

If you want to master your current semester with more ease and clarity then this 6 weeks program is for you.



What is inlcuded:

  • 4x60 minutes 1:1 online consultation 

  • Personalised recorded guided meditation for more focus & clarity

  • The 4 sessions are usable within 6 weeks

  • One e-mail follow up between sessions 

  • For MEMBERS only

What is not inlcuded:

Price: Eur 1020,- 

In this retreat we will BE
connecting, feeling, dancing, growing, playing, laughing, expressing ourselves freely and so much more:

Conscious self-love & self-care time
practising loving the inner child within

Meditation & breathwork
creating and connecting with our ideal selves and desire

motion, dance, yoga, jumping, swimming
Conscious playtime

hugging, laughing, connecting deeply, authentically, practising vulnerability

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