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They say we can only really find ourselves when we start giving and helping others. Well, could not agree more...I have always loved to attend events/charities and to organise them too. I have always been working in the field of event management, was organising workshops, meetings, congresses across Europe.

If I can, I help – this means, basically always... little random acts of kindness on a daily basis. Plus I am committed to organise different types of networking events and come togethers for both men and women on diverse topics, with different speakers. As I travel a lot, the location is not a problem for me. It doesn´t really matter where I spread love and raise the vibration of the city :)) 

Our (me and my mentor´s Judit Csanyi) first Women Empowering Club Kick Off Event took place on October 19, 2017 - in a great atmosphere, where you could literally see and feel the flowing and uplifting energies - our first event took place.

Amazing women from several different countries joined us and shared their inspiring stories.

We are here to build a wonderful community, we are here to support each other, we are here to spread to word about the importance of self-love, mind-mastery and how to live a life out of comfort zone. And of course we are here to create worlds TOGETHER 😊 

Since 2017 we had several amazing, uplifting events and meetups. Our community of positive, like minded people is growing. Main thing we support each other and create a SUCCESS TRIBE


You can find us on Facebook and Instagram! Me and Judit are looking forward to many more great events in the future!


Charity, NGO´s 

Never forget that giving is receiving! I love charity work, I love to be "on the other side" and patiently listen to those who also want and should share their story.  You can find wisdom everywhere in life! Just open your heart and listen!

This was my first Christmas I spent with Caritas in beautiful Vienna. Our team was preparing food, warm soup, cookies and punch for homeless people and other people in need. We had fun together, it was a great time, everyone was celebrating christmas with a thankful heart. 

Words cannot express how grateful I am for this wonderful opportunity I was given. Now, I am a proud and fix member of this powerful community. 

But let the pics speak for themselves: 

Anita Brocka
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