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Dear Companies, 

Dear Young Entrepreneurs/Start-ups or anyone who is building their legacy

...once upon a time - on a sunny day in April 2017 -  I reconnected with my inner child and a creative genius was born! Since then I have never stopped, discovered hidden talents in me, started to create & edit videos, found the value and fun in microblogging, and suddenly I was collaborating with other start-ups and creative heads from various industries. 

The entrepreneurial journey has been an exciting one so far... The most important thing I have realized, making an IMPACT on a micro scale is way more important than measuring success in numbers!!! #runningthemarathon  


If you are looking for an excellent communicator, brand builder, creative director and someone who turns everything into gold by her billionaire mindset :))... well... then I am Your answer, Your savvy millennial. 

Thank you very much for your trust, looking forward to a fruitful, fun and creative collaboration. 

Mail: love@anitabrocka-mindset.com