"It´s Your time to embody the state of clarity, self-love & confidence"

I am a trainer and mentor for the academic youth worldwide. My purpose is to guide the university youth through their academic journey to a state of clarity, confidence and ease so they can be more efficient and achieve long-term goals better,

I remember during my studies I was all stressed out, not living in the moment, chasing-mode became a lifestyle, I was lacking in confidence to speak up, to connect with my peers, and to grab great opportunities.

I was an expat knowing nobody in a foreign country, barely speaking the language, not knowing what I´m gonna do, how I´m gonna do it. But... I had a VISION.

I wanted to finish my studies and have an academic degree in my hands. Now, I´m gonna show you how all this is possible for you too.

I´m Anita.


Guiding you through your
self-love journey

You want to master your current semester with more clarity and ease?

You do not know how to orient yourself because of endless opportunities?

You want to be better at self-management, decision making and prioritising?

  You want to be part of a community, a great tribe where you feel understood? 

..and these are only some of the important questions, the good news is: 

I have a solution for you


The University Youth is a closed academic community and it is for you if: 

  • You are a freshman/student/expat or maybe even a first generation student on an international university 

  • You want to master your current semester with ease, have a better grasp of what you truly need, you want to be better at decision making, prioritizing and self-managament  

  • You want to be more effective & practical so you don´t feel stuck every new semester

  • You want to to connect with people like you, feel understood and seen

The ultimate goal is:
To guide you to a STATE of being where you feel more
clarity, confidence, focus and ease.
To eliminate all the distraction you deal with, to narrow down the endless opportunities, turn off the noise so you can choose what is best for you! 
Today I invite you to join us.

Guided Meditations

Your first step for focus & long lasting change, results

Meditation has changed the game for me.

It has been integrated in my daily routine since 2017.

I was a restless, always-on-the-go type of person, it wasn´t easy for me to just sit down and BE.

Until I´ve literally forced myself. 


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Weekly inspiration, ... 

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What People Say

(Political Science)

As far as I can say about Anita, she possesses very good abilities in the following fields: capacity for analysis and reflexion, written and oral communication skills and open mindedness. Anita is proactive and goal oriented. My overall recommendation for her is without any reservation. 

(Theatre, Film and Media Studies)

As an expat..

mentorship over 2 years 

self love, balance, trust, encouragement, 

(Journalism & Communication Studies)

Danke Dir Anita für die professionelle und gleichzeitig sehr freundliche Unterstützung und Atmosphäre, die du jedes Mal bei unseren Gesprächen kreiert hast. Ich habe mich bei dir von Anfang an sehr aufgehoben gefühlt.  Deine  praktische Tipps haben mir  sehr viel geholfen, sei es beim Lebenslauf, effektive Kommunikation oder Sales Skills. Dank unserer Zusammenarbeit konnte ich einen tollen Praktikumsplatz bekommen. Nach so vielen Versuchen, nach so viel "NEIN" fühle ich mich endlich angekommen und stolz.