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We can be, do or have anything in life.


Hi :)

lovely to have you here. Thank you for giving me a little from your precious time and reading about me. I genuinely appreciate you for that! I´m Ani, just your girl next door trying to add more value to this beautiful world and make it an even better place :) 

What is the Anita Brocka Mindet? 


I come from a mindset that we can be, do or have anything in life and we can always recreate, reinvent ourselves and see life through a totally different perspective. Nobody is broken, we do not have to save or fix anything or anyone. We are always at the right place, at the right time doing the best we can with the understanding and knowledge we have. All is in perfect harmony and balance. Chill out and see the big pic. 

On a lighter note... Keepin it smoking hot since 1986 ;) :)))













How Anita Brocka Mindset was born?


December 19, 2016: Got fired from my job as an event manager (I basically dismissed myself because I dared to ask for a higher salary. Thank you for firing me and doing me a favour, back then I would not have been brave enough to quit).

I will not ever forget your words: „You overestimate yourself“, „You are not good enough for more money“ - Never allow anyone to tell you anything like that! You are worthy of the best of the best in this life!


December 26, 2016: My first entrepreneurial thoughts ever – There is nobody in my family with a business or too much money but I wanted to live my purpose and a fun life on my own terms and explore a new me.


January 1, 2017: Decided to start my own business as an event planner but parallel to that I was looking for a corporate job... Back then I still had the „just in case attitude“ (now I know that having no plan B was the key to my success)!


March 2017: Self development has always been my thing, so I obtained an extra certification as a wedding planner in order to launch a wedding planning company in Miami, Florida – Don´t ask me why Florida, I just trusted my gut feeling!


March 2017: In the meantime I got hired for an amazing medical event planning company. Parallel to this I reconsidered my business decision and went for something totally different because it felt much closer to my heart: Coaching and helping people!


April 2017: After one month of trial I quit my 9to5 and started to build my own business as a self-love coach – Trust me, this was the biggest decision of my life so far and the company I left was amazing, beyond words! Exactly what I visualised … Never underestimate the power of your thoughts!


June 2017 – December 2017: Became a part of an incubator/entrepreneurs programme and built up a business from scratch ... alone! - Always trust yourself and be your biggest fan ever! Make mistakes and be bold! Failure is the mother of success!


January 1, 2018: Official Launch of Anita Brocka Mindset (you cannot imagine how much I love myself for that and how proud I am:))


Join me on my super exciting and bold entrepreneurial journey, and let´s do some cool collabs! :) Fun is THE goal! 

Facts & fun stuff about me


  • I am NOT a life coach. I am officially a trainer in the fields of communication, selflove and mindset. I developed an excellent method to recreate and reinvent yourself. 

  • Master Degree in Communication with the majors Psychology and Sociology

  • Certified Wedding Planner

  • Brand Builder & Savvy Social Media Creative :) 

  • Ambivert, INFJ, Cancer a.k.a. my heart is as deep as the ocean​

  • My biggest mentors & inspiration: Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Gary Vaynerchuk, Oprah, Einstein 


  • I am part of the LGBTQ community - decide which letter I am. Always question yourself ;) lol.  (According to Freud we all were born as bisexual ... not that it mattered too much, we are all one, all the same, pure love and energy)

  • I´ve always been a born entertainer and I love to be the actress of my own phantasy!

  • I speak 4-5 languages but none of them perfect and I don´t really bother – Remember: Progress and value over perfection!

  • I have lived in 7 different countries so far and I consider myself to be a real world citizen - Please do not even ask me where I come from cuz we all are citizens of planet Earth!!! 

  • I only worked 2,5 years full-time in a corporate job.. and it was more than enough :))

  • I do not let others opinion limit my vision, this level of freedom is undescribable! I wish the same for you. 

    May we all be blessed with LOVE & LIGHT. Xoxo, Ani