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My vision and mission


Under the motto #spreadlove and #masteryourmind the Anita Brocka Mindset inspires you daily in achieving your goals and dreams und shows how important self-love is, and the deeper understanding of our way of being (body, language, emotions). 

The power of self-love, right communication and examination of our behavior (why and how we make decisions, take actions on a daily basis) 

My Programme - Let´s just call it the ABM Method :) 

Our thoughts create. We create with our attention to them. 

A lifedesigner is someone who understands that we are conscious creators here, our thoughts are the medium and our life is the project. It is fun to be both the designer and the design itself, and we can easily tell by the way we feel where we are at :) 

We were all born with a healthy emotional guidance scale, so it is pretty important to acknowledge that our emotions are our friends and should not be seen as enemies. To understand our emotions, their roots and this whole creation process is everything. 

In my programme we deal with 3 main domains to expand our exploration of human experience: 

Body, Emotions, Language 

- We LIVE IN LANGUAGE. We cannot not communicate. 
- Our whole existence has a shape, it is our wonderful BODY (it is crucial how we learn to use it, our posture, mimics, our moods are expressed through our bodies) 
- Our EMOTIONS create our MOODS


All these areas are interconnected, one does not exist without the other. 

I have a whole transformation trainings program, whichs lasts 4-5 months and I promise 

I finished my master studies in communication in the year of 2012 at the Universität Wien (University of Vienna) and I have always been very interested in body language, NLP, empathy training.. Until I have found a powerful coaching methodology which is called Ontological Coaching (coaching of the human soul and to our way of being). It is an approach to living and working well and developing a life of deep satisfaction, meaning and fulfillment.

I was amazed how this type of methodology is able to create truly sustainable changes in our lives. So I tried it on myself first and decided to build it into my own programme. 

Testimonials - My clients, my friends!!!

"Anita is more of a friend than just being a self-love coach. She has an unique quality to make instant deep connection.
Very soft hearted and down to earth personality helps her in understanding the mindset of different people around the world.
Anita is very instrumental in her analysis and makes suggestion which is honest and acceptable.
She never shies away from sharing her experiences in life and how beautiful life can be if one opens up their mind and soul.
You can count on her to be a great influencial friend for life.

Thank you Anita for your coaching and would continue to be coached by you in future."

Kayyum M.

IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), Vienna/AT 


"Thanks Kayyum for calling me down to earth, I am very realistic I can reach more than a billion people by next year :D :D - Guys, never be realistic! Dream on and achieve!" 


"Anitas uplifting energy is so contagious that you immediately have a huge smile on your face. Her confidence, compassion and empathy for others is huge. She really lives what she preaches and I never met a more authentic person before. This girl knows how to live life to the fullest. Because of her extreme humour and jokes you won´t get bored for a second and I guarantee you will have the time of your life - no matter how long the coaching period. 

It is true that all her clients become her friends, the only thing she cares about is to enhance a community of like-minded people who spread love and own a billionaire


Thanks to her I am also an insider now and part of this inner circle. I now understand that I do not depend on conditions and I have never been more in charge of my life and own thoughts and emotions. Thank you Ani! "

Szabolcs L. 

Booking.com, Amsterdam/NL


"Thanks, couldn´t agree more and welcome to the inner circle:)"


"Anita is an extremely positive person and knows always which words to say to let you feel better. I love her mindset and she is a great coach! She has so much energy, that people should pay for it! Appart of this I love at the same time all her entertainment: skinny anni, model pictures, start up advices, mindset videos/posts! Just love her and everybody should meet her up. I'm happy that I got to know you."

Daniela S. 


"Wäre schließlich toll dich wieder zu sehen. DU hast damals mein Leben verändert... Ich war ja in der Beziehung mit der depressiven Frau, die ich einfach nicht beenden konnte, obwohl ich total unglücklich war. Durch dich habe ich aber gesehen, wie viel schöner das Leben wäre, wenn ich die Beziehung beende und mir eine Frau suche, die besser zu mir passt. Das hat mir die Kraft gegeben, mich zu trennen und neu anzufangen und das hat sich gelohnt. Und die Tatsache, dass ich mich getraut habe, dich anzusprechen hat mir den Mut gegeben, dass ich bestimmt auch eine andere Frau finde, die mit mir zusammen sein will. Deine FRÖHLICHE und LUSTIGE ART hat mich einfach inspiriert. "

Markus M. 

"Wow... also ich habe schon längst erreicht was ich wollte. Genau Deine Worte sind warum es sich lohnt für mich zu atmen und es gibt mir nun wieder die Bestätigung, dass es die BESTE Entscheidung war mein Business zu starten in dem ich Menschen auf der ganzen Welt inspiriere. :) "


"Thank-you for your unconditional ability to inspire. You always have something awesome to say, awesome things which have given me great epiphany's in my life, things you have said have made my day's many times. You are famous to me and everyone!! THANKS ANITA!"

Cody M. 

"WOW, huge words to describe a small gal like me :) But I love the famous part;) Thanks, I won´t disappoint you!"