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 Individual 1:1 Mentorship

University Life-Career Design-Entrepreneurship& Founding

  • You want to master your current semester with more clarity and ease but you feel like there´s too much pressure and you seem to fall back into the same patterns over and over again? 

  • You do not know how to orient yourself because of endless opportunities?

  • You want to be better at self-management, decision making and prioritising? 

  • You want to be more confident, more independent, proud of yourself but you have no idea what type of job would be the best for you? Even better, you maybe do but you feel like nobody is interested in you and your skills because according to "them" you do not have enough experience?

  • You feel like giving up because the road seems to long and you think you lack discipline and inspiration

  • You feel like you want to do something new, you have a creative idea and an entrepreneurial spirit, you want to do something on your own but have no idea how and where to begin?

Keyboard and Mouse

...If any of these questions resonated with you, then you are in good hands here and as a very first step feel free to join our closed group called University Youth because the right tribe is waiting for you here.

As a second step, please know that everything you think and feel is absolutely normal and YOU WILL GET THERE. You will succeed at the end of the semester, you will get that job because YOU ARE ENOUGH, you will get that diploma you will be proud of! 

And eventually you will be able to launch your own business - if that´s what you want- and EXPRESS YOURSELF and your creative side fully and authentically.

Everything you want is possible! 

What topics will
we discuss
(among others)




What is your Self Concept


OUT of your comfort zone



Goal Setting

Know your why!


How to connect meaningfully


Create & Stick to them

Your Mentoring Journey
Your Choice

3 Months Mentoring

- 3 months guidance 

- 6 sessions á 90 min

- Worksheets & tasks

- 1 email follow up between sessions

- 1 personalised recorded guided meditation

Price: Eur 2400,-

(partial payment possible)

6 Months Mentoring

- 6 months guidance 

- 12 sessions á 90 min

- Worksheets & tasks

- 2 email follow ups between sessions

- 1 personalised recorded guided meditation

Price: Eur 4520,-

(partial payment possible)

12 Months Mentoring

We will be working together 1 whole year. Obviously this mentorship is 100% tailored to your needs and personality. This literally is a transofrmation process where your life will be turned around, you will meet yourself deeply, get to know yourself on many new levels. 

If this resonates with you, contact me & we schedule a free call:

only 1 spot available

Mentorships available in German or English


What will you gain from a
mentorship with me?

You will be more CONFIDENT and you will believe in yourself that you are able to achieve any short or long-term goal

You will have a completely new SELF CONCEPT, know yourself better, be more self-aware

You will be able to SOOTHE yourself, regulate & understand your emotions and deal with stress, challenges, obstacles 

You will make the first step towards achieving your goal with courage and you will know who to turn to if you need further support


Why me?

  • I see you. I feel you. I understand you and what you are going through. Because I´ve been there, where you are now - whether it´s about uni-life, your career path or the beginning of an entrepreneurial journey:

  • I was an expat studying in a foreign country barely speaking the language, not knowing anyone aka I was insecure and voiceless

  • I worked hard & climbed the corporate ladder 

  • I rebelled, gave up everything, started anew and realised myself

  • There were countles challenges I faced on the long road and I "failed" many many times ->

  • Now you can learn from these experiences


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and meet a completely new you?

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