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Millionaire Package Plus (Standard)

  • A Billionaire Mindset (master your mind, design your life)!!!

  • „24/7“ Mentorship (exact details in my coaching contract) - Basically it means, you do
    not have to wait for our next appointment! I am here for you and we work
    One On One real time! (Learn more in your self-love booklet why I believe in the power 
    of face-to-face upliftment)

  • 3-4 months, 12 fixed, face to face sessions (mostly 1,5 hours long)

  • Free invitation to all my live events within a 12-month time range

  • Free printed copy/ pdf version of all my publications delivered to you personally 

  • Podcast 

  • Dogs Therapy (optional, but check out Polly&Didi and I promise you will fall in love
    with them:))

  • I guarantee you will find fun, clarity, joy in everything after you met me! 

  • It does not matter where you are because I am willing to travel (a.k.a. fly me in:))

Please, kindly note and understand that I am only able to work with a very small number of people a year!!! I do not take more than 2 people on a training cycle (min. 3 months! Mentorship can be extended of course - more than happy to be part of your success journey).

The value I deliver is huge because it is my TIME, WHOLE ATTENTION and my UPLIFTING ENERGY I give you.❤