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Anita Brocka, MPhil
May 05, 2022
In Dance
I invite you to dance with me. To feel yourself. To enjoy yourself. To move your body. To feel the energy flowing through you. No perfection. No choreo. Just you being yourself. Click on DANCE WITH ME in the category and post your own free flowing dance, whatever your soul desires to express right now. I promise, you will feel at least one of these emotions: fun, empowerment, connectedness, freedom, sensuality. It´s worth to get up :)
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Anita Brocka, MPhil
Feb 21, 2022
In Our Purpose & Guidelines!
Our mission on the University of Love & Inspiration is to feel, connect, play, dance, laugh and express ourselves freely. This is how we define true success. We consciously get out of our analytical mind and get into our body. We imagine more than facing our 3D reality. We practise self-love & playfulness every day because loving ourselves in the moment and having fun raises our vibration immediately. We build a whole new vocabulary for ourselves based on what we want and not what is. We meditate, we practise mindfulness and segment intending in order to create our days more consciously. All in all: We think-feel-act like the person we want to become, because that person is already us, now. Join our community today and experience life on a new level, a life where you EMBODY - through thinking, feeling and acting - your desires NOW. Love. Anita ! Community Guidelines! Membership: You will be manually accepted by the admin(s) after you have requested the membership with your mail address and name. App: Once you are a member please download OUR OWN APP called SPACES on your phone for staying updated on the go and easily connected with all of our community members. Sunday Newsletter: You may also subscribe to our weekly Sunday Newsletter so that you receive a WEEKLY RECAP from community activities and a PERSONAL INSPIRATIONAL NOTE from me for the upcoming week. Comments, posts Members can connect with the admin and/or with each other via comments and in the members space and app. This will ensure a structured, transparent overview of valuable information, educational topics. There will be categories/groups for members to post as well. Respect Being part of this community requires mutual trust. What is shared in the community should stay in the community. People SHOULD feel SAFE AND VULNERABLE. Nothing will leave this group without consent. No screenshotting or sharing. No bullying, no hate speech Feel free to share your thoughts, story etc. but always in a constructive manner. Make sure that everyone feels safe and respected. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments about things such as race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated. Thank you. Anita & Team
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Anita Brocka, MPhil

Anita Brocka, MPhil


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