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Academic Mentorship
A 4 week guide for students &
young start-ups 

Recreate Yourself

Please understand this: If you´re in your early twenties and you are a student, a startup or at the beginning of your corporate career, you gotta try as many things as possible cause you actually cannot fuck this up! Yes you will get rejected and fail like a hundred times but here´s the bottom line, failure is not only the mother of success but but your biggest opportunity for self growth and self awareness. 


Are you feeling... 



This is for you if... 

- you are a student/freshman...

- you are a graduate and want to start your own first business 

Building Confidence

Confidence & faith are the same. You can build both. You gotta believe in yourself and your vision unapologetically! 

Abundant Mindset

Your mindset is your biggest asset. 

Developing a growth mindset means to shift and dive deeper into your limiting beliefs and subconsious. We will be forming a new set of beliefs, depending on your current life stage.

Gaining Clarity & Focus

I know it´s damn noisy out there and the endliss opportunities and peer pressure are pretty triggering. I will help you gain more clarity and a better focus through some of my favourite tools. 

Communication & Sales

We create our life through LANGUAGE. We sell ourselves in every second, whether we want it or not. We will cover:

Energy (your first impression)

Posture, gestures, VIBE

Interview preparation 



Business plan


Stress & Mood Management

Becoming a master of your emotions will help you deal with unexpected changes, challenges.

Learn how to Self soothe

Learn Positive self talk .. 

Self-Love & Self-Care

I will teach you how to practice more self-love and self-care, how to be more mindful and integrate these valuable tools into your daily life, so that you have more clarity.

Introduce Yourself

Tell me about yourself. Who are you? What do you currently do? What is your vision?

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