How can you be not MOTIVATED?!

Have you ever wondered what the chances are that you were born into this time-space reality? The odds of becoming a human being is exactly 400 trillion to one!!!

Hell yes! Isn´t this truly amazing? I can only congratulate, as you won the biggest LOTTERY ever! You are here for a reason, you are unique and you have a real purpose in Life. You are having an amazing and exceptional human experience on Earth, nevertheless you should not forget that you are a spiritual being and your body is only a house to take care of, which you leave here one day and your spirit goes elsewhere...

We live in a world of infinite options and damn, it is Your job to tell Your story, Your truth and to become the best version of yourself. One dream. One decision. One law. One life!!! Have you already figured out what your purpose is? If not, it is about time to ask yourself this question, dig deep down to your soul and be honest to yourself.

I CHALLANGE You to spend some precious time ALONE, only with your thoughts, without any distractions, no TV, no internet but only a piece of paper and a pen. Try to get clear on your goals and think about it honestly what you want in life. Maybe as a first step do some guided meditation and take deep breaths in order to put your body and mind into a relaxed, drowsy state – I always use this technique because after a short while I feel at ease and simply connected to source energy... This is the place of creation, the place of limitless chances, to unlock the power of your mind and to get a clear picture of everything.

So, I am asking you, if you imagined your life is perfect in every aspect, what would it look like? Picture it as clearly as possible, have fun with it and be creative as "creativity is intelligence having fun" (Albert Einstein).

I feel such a big GRATITUDE 24/7, I am so thankful to be ALIVE in this physical form and to be able to feel, touch, see, hear, smell and experience so many wonderful things this world has to offer. Don´t You agree that LIFE is the biggest gift ever you could have received?

You are here for a reason! Find out why and take action! Take some "You" time! I can promise, you won´t ever need coffee in the morning, no snooz button on your phone anymore because you will get up motivated, fresh and energised every single day! Now go forth, be in constant motion and feel and act like the MIRACLE that YOU are.

As I always say: #spreadlove and #masteryourmind


Please share your THOUGHTS and COMMENTS, as we all are humble students of life, teachers among teachers and leaders among leaders. Let us create a life of purpose and joy! I truly appreciate You and am grateful that you are a part of my wonderful journey.

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