What is success? Work hard – Is this really the key?

How would You define success? I have recently thought about it and I realized that many people identify success with the "end product" of their achievments. The problem with that is that if you do so, you can never really feel fulfillment, as chances are slight you become successful over night, but rather over a few years of disciplined work, dedication, enthusiasm and a great portion of faith and visualisation.

I also read once a beautiful quote from one of my favourite mentors Paulo Coelho which reads as follows: "success is being able to go to bed each night with your soul at peace".

This is truly powerful and makes me realise how simple it is to feel successful if you always act from a place of love and from a place where your intent is pure, trying to help both yourself and others on the road to succeed in life.

And the best thing is, You do not need anyone´s validation to feel successful, you do not need hundred likes and followers on different social media platforms, you do not need to ask for permission to feel successful - not from your parents, children, closest friends or your partner and last but not least, as Albert Schweitzer said "success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful".

Success is a decision to explore more, to achieve more, to inspire, to create, to learn and to realize your full potential in this world.

When you came forth into this physical form you knew that your natural state was clarity, love, success and well-being – the last one is the most important in terms of law of attraction, as your point of attraction is always in the now and when you feel good you offer no resistance, thus you allow all goodness to come to you. It is all about EASE and "hard work is not the path to well-being, feeling good is the path to well-being... you don´t create through ACTION; you create through VIBRATION and then, your vibration calls action from you" (Esther Hicks).

All is happening in your mind and the biggest reason why people succeed and live a life of abundance is because they have the right MINDSET, they give attention to things only they want to perpetuate, they know exactly how their brain works and they are a true master of their minds and they understood that the greatest secret of success is to focus the attention on the feeling of the wish fulfilled!

To summarize it all, hustle but do not forget to be spiritually active too! Be satisfied on your way to success, do not hope but expect the best outcome and remember to celebrate yourself and all your small achievements ;)

As I always say, #spreadlove and #masteryourmind



Please share your THOUGHTS and COMMENTS, as we all are humble students of life, teachers among teachers and leaders among leaders. Let us create a life of purpose and joy! I truly appreciate You and am grateful that you are a part of my wonderful journey.