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Letter to my 18 year old self

Dear Ani,

first of all, let me tell you that you are such a blessing in this life. You are here for a good reason. You are the light, a little God, a creator, a teacher between teachers and a humble student of life.

I was thinking a lot what advice could be the best present for your 18th birthday.

Dear, you became such a beautiful young lady, who has so much energy around her and so much love to give. Your heart is kind and open, you are bold and curious, you are helpful and full of empathy.. but somehow you are scared, you are hurt and you were holding back your tears for too long! Why did you do that?! Please never play it strong!!! The biggest strength you could ever give yourself and the world is your own VULNERABILITY. Never ever hide your feelings, never play games, never cry for something that is gone, never blame yourself and never regret anything! You did the best you can! Honour your decisions and celebrate every little milestone you make!

Be just who you are. Speak up. Tell your truth. Say what you think. Do what you feel. You already know exactly who you are and why you came forth into this time-space reality. Please believe me there is no reason to be scared and being fearful, never prove yourself to anyone, only keep up the race with you, in which you intend to become a better person every day and the best version of yourself. Never pay attention to bad criticism - know that happy and successful people dont criticise! So bless those who hurt, ignore, resent or humiliate you, they are here to teach you something on your wonderful and blessed journey.

I know it is not always easy but try to spread as much love as you can, try to love the people around you unconditionally, but most importantly fall in love with yourself first and love, respect and appreciate yourself most! You are capable of anything, you can achieve everything in life.

Be generous. Help. Give. Serve. Love. Have fun. Laugh. Relax. Enjoy your journey. Grab every opportunity. Say YES to life!

And last but not least never forget that you cannot ever get it wrong if you act from a place of LOVE and HONESTY. Everything will be always working out for you – this is my promise to you, you beautiful soul. You are blessed, you came here to expand, to grow and to CREATE! Have fun with that, DESIGN YOUR LIFE!!!!!! Good luck guuurrl, you are gonna make it :)

p.s. A very wise person once said: you should live every day like it's your birthday, do so!

As I always say, #spreadlove and #masteryourmind



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