My spontaneous inspirational Monday;)

Except of seeking fun in all today and every day, I decided to go to the city spontaneously.. In my cosy converse and fall tailored bombastic leather jacket I left the flat, on my way grabbed a coffee to go (sometimes all you need is a pumpkin spiced latte - thank you #starbucks you are orgasmic 🤣) and slowed down.

😎Yes, usually I'm a very fast and energetic person but this time I just watched my steps - literally - and tried to get a clear head. I need inspiration. For everything. For my book. For my website. For my upcoming workshop (details soon). And a lot more. ❇ It is truly stunning how many new ideas occur when you decide to take it easy and just to take a day off. No pressure. No beating up on myself although so many things to do.

⚠️NO! It is ME ❤ time and I listen to my body more than anything else. Because I love me. It's been only 2 hours wandering around in the city and new ideas are flowing like crazy.

❤ So, I want to leave you here with the following message: Even if you have tons of work to do, do not take the motivated but the inspired action. It will bring you further and much quicker to your goal. PROMISE.

❤ lots of Love, Ani

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