Raise your vibration!

Raise your vibration for the whole week! 🍃 Start into the week great. Create some good habits consciously. Stick to your plan and be a little bit more consistent than usual 😆 😎 - it's about You and your wellbeing after all! And we know that nothing is more important than FEELING GOOD!

✔ Greet yourself in the morning!

✔ tell yourself that "it's gonna be a great day"

✔ show some appreciation! Look for something you are thankful for right now - no matter if it's your health, your puppy lying next to you or the warm coffee you are looking forward to drink ✔ look for positive aspects during the day; even better, write them down

✔ take a break more often and just BE - breathe!!!

✔ be more present, don't rush through the day. Listen to that person who talks to you! Focus! And be more here and now ✔Bless the food you eat and the water you drink

✔SMILE !!! - like me on the pic 🤣🤣 Trick the monkey mind! So wonderful!

✔HAVE FUN! Turn stress into fun. Turn your fears into fun. By seeing the big picture

😎 Never worry. All is well ❤🍃🎆 Love, Ani