How do you feeeeeel?

😊😠Do you feel more good than bad during the day? At least 51% better? 🤣 I hope!!! Your biggest job is all day long to feel as good as possible.. nothing is more important than that. You don't have to feel good 100%, all the time but make sure you are kind enough to yourself, you love ans respect yourself to maintain a peace of mind and a nice selftalk. Oh and maybe at the end of the day just ask yourself this question:

Was it really a horrible day or I let those 3 bad, annoying, disturbing minutes ruine my whole day??!!? - Where is your focus?!?!? You are here to CREATE and not to react. If you always remain in a reactionary state, you massively depend on conditions and you can't control your thoughts and emotions anymore. 😑Something bad happened? Well..

✔first of all its just an experience, let's admit..

✔second, it teaches you something in life

✔third it already BELONGS TO THE PAST! Yes!!!! Don't only look at what is! But instead try to focus on what could be - by acknowledging the power of your thoughts and emotions, by understanding the laws of the universe and knowing that your point of attraction is in the NOW and you can create something new every second, by trusting the process. You are the one who is responsible ALWAYS for everything ➡️ Nothing happens to you without you attracting it. Period. Don't be a victim of circumstances! Be a master of your mind and a CEO of your life! Make a conscious decision in the morning to FEEL GOOD. You decide how you respond to every single thing that happens to you... (actually nothing really happens TO you but rather FOR YOU, because even if it doesn't feel like everything SERVES YOUR BENEFIT. Promise! You decide! Be responsible for all you do, say, feel. You have control over it! 🌌🍃❤


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