Trust the process!

In times of struggle, just try to BE and observe 🍃 Wanted to wish you guys an amazing week and share with you this short message: If you are feeling down right now, struggling with something and having a hard time, please know that you are definitely not alone and trust me all will be fine soon. But you have to let in the pain, feel it and experience it. And then it shall pass. And then

you will see everything more clearly. I'm not gonna tell you that life is hard because I hate this false premise. Life is good and all is well. ❤ Having a hard time doesn't mean life is against you, rather you are going through a mindshift, some kind of awakening after which clarity arrives... soon.. But you have to go through the forest on your own! 🍃Try to see the big picture

🍃Try to observe your situation 🍃Don't fight against anything

🍃 Just BE and see what happens

🍃 Allow the fear, the pain and struggle for a while and then

🍃 Concentrate on the good aspects of your life - no matter what these are and how small these are compared to the pain you are in right now

🍃 Soothe yourself little by little and again just TRUST THE PROCESS. All is well.

Lots of good energies and love for the whole week! ❤ Ani


I know that this post and most of my blogs might not be perfect grammatically but I am sure you get the message. Thank you for your understanding. Remember: Progress and value over perfection, always!

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