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Conscious, Meaningful and Fulfilled life - What does it mean?

"...most of us are scared of the unknown, no matter how beautiful it could be. We are dreaming, right? We say "one day I´ll be or do this" ... then we wait. We postpone. We find excuses.
We do it because we are scared. We rather stay where we are, even though we are not happy. But it is okay cause it´s comfortable and known to us. We literally kill our desires every day by making decesions based on what is and not on what could be!!!
We are on autopilot, thinking the same thoughts over and over, reacting to the same things (news, job etc) and we are losing control. We are like a robot.
Instead we could make some time to CREATE, to create consciously, to imagine more, to visualize our best life a bit more. We think it is not possible because of our environment, cause "hey there is nobody in my family who is truly happy with their job and living their purpose... who am I to question anything and start over?!"

If you are part of this community - love to call us family lately - then you must know that our core message is to learn to live a conscious, meaningful and fulfilled life because this is how we define true SUCCESS. These three words are very important to me and resonate with my heart deeply. And I am absolutely convinced that it is possible for all of us to live consciously, to find meaning and feel fulfilled on a daily basis.

Once I´ve heared a sentence like this "happiness is to be found within but the feeling may come and go... But if you have found true meaning in your life, you will be able to navigate through any challenge and happiness will join you on the road"- I love this perspective!

At this point I would like to explain the words: CONSCIOUS, MEANINGFUL, FULFILLED

I believe that "leading and living a CONSCIOUS life" means simply not being on autopilot. Not being held as hostage to our old programs and conditioning.

It means to become self-aware about our belief systems, our choices, how we observe life, what attitudes and perspectives we hold and why. Most likely all these PATTERNS & BELIEFS are limiting and we are not even aware of them, as they were passed on from our parents into our subconscious memory. All this stored information lives in us and we haven´t even questioned them. We have been living on autopilot and we automatically act out of our parents beliefs EXCEPT WE SEEK NEW ONES.

Living consciously also means to make conscious decisions every day from a place of love, not fear. And last but not least it means to be willing to create change and long lasting transformation in our lives because we want it. We are dedicated to do the work (the self-love work, the shadow work, the spiritual work) and break generational patterns because we love ourselves enough to do so...

Have you ever asked yourself "Do I live a meaningful life?" - I do not know what truly gives MEANING to you in life but I hope you feel fulfilled doing what you are doing. I hope you feel like you are living your purpose and the work you do every day is meaningful to you personally. Because you love it. Because you are passionate about it. Because you feel aligned with it.

I am not a purpose coach but I think it is the hardest thing for all of us to find out what our purpose is. But it is our job to do so! It is a brave choice indeed to get curious about ourselves, about life and explore all hidden sides of our way of being. Embodying self-love and practising self-love consciously every day plays a huge role in our decision making process. Whether we choose and allow ourselves to slow down a bit, to become more present, to become more conscious, to dig deeper into our hearts, desires, talents, hobbies, anything that sets our soul on fire and awakes hope and creates meaning in our life...

I hope that you are FULFILLED. Full of love towards yourself. Filled with passion and compassion. Full of confidence and trust. Filled with joy and gratitude.

This is the life I want you to have, because you deserve it. This is the life I am choosing to live day by day. A conscious life of meaning and fulfillment. So, to answer the question:

"who am I to question anything and start over?!"

You are the conscious creator of your own experience.

You are the person you want to be NOW.

You have always access to your ideal self and you can always

choose to think, feel, act like the person you want to be.

I am curious whether these words resonated with you, if you feel like you already live consciously but still searching for meaning and trying to figure out stuff? Anything that comes to your mind, share with me, with us.

Love, Ani


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