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Feeling good is the biggest manifestation

Let me get straight into this, I´ve never been the dilly-dally type of person:)

We hear a lot about the expressions manifesting and manifestation, what is it really and how do we do it? What are we manifesting constantly?

Well, we are always in the process of manifesting, we cannot not manifest, it is natural. We are always creating something, we are focusing our energy and attention towards something, we are imagining and visualizing and dreaming (consciously, not consciously, subconsciously).

The result of all this is some kind of manifestation, a manifested version of focused thought and energy.

It can be a house, a car, a well-paid job, a blossoming relationship, but also "just" a FEELING.

Now this is the interesting part and I want to get a little bit practical and playful with you now:

When you think about your next desire - no matter what it is and please do not kill it right away with doubt - what kind of emotion(s) are you feeling about it now? What kind of mood does thinking about your desire put you into in this moment?

Stay there for at least 17 seconds and you will naturally attract more and more joyful thoughts around your desire (your feeling will definitely be one of joy if you focus on the fulfillment of your desire on the other hand, your feeling will be definitely one of frustration or desparation if you focus on the lack of your desire). So, what is your dominant feeling right now? Play with it for a little while, take your time, this is such an enjoyable game, just to play out something for the bare pleasure of it! Children are so good at this, they don´t have the need for anything to manifest, they just play and visualize simply to feel exhilarated. Isn´t it wonderful? :) Oh yes it is.

I´m gonna tell you two little secrets. First, please know that feeling good is the biggest manifestation at all times. No matter what kind of material stuff have you manifested or are you in the process of manifesting, you want all them because of the feeling of FEELING GOOD, feeling joy, feeling free, feeling fulfilled, confident, proud etc.

Second, you can start to feel good right now, no need to wait for a physical manifestation of your desire. You can already establish the feeling of your desire, which is in general feeling good but you can also name and practise other emotions of course like I mentioned above.

You can CHOOSE NOW how you feel and what kind of mood you want to calibrate to through the power of focused thought and energy. You got the power!

Some questions to ponder:

Where do you focus upon mostly? How long do you stay there? How does it feel?

Good? - Awesome, then stay there for a while and practise that feeling and state of being. Do you focus on something unwanted and it feels bad? - Fine, acknowledge it for a moment and understand that it is your choice how you react and how long you react (!) but do not dwell in that state or situation, it is not worth it and it is definitely not a self-loving act.

You need to love yourself enough to do your utmost to make yourself feel good, or at least a little bit better. You are capable of doing that, because first of all you are love and then again, you have the power of choice! You do not need to figure out everything right now, you do not need to set big goals, all you need to do is to love yourself, be there for yourself as your best friend and your own soulmate who deeply cares about your wellbeing and knows that there is no separation between us and our desires (more about this topic in another blog).

You will see, if you only do this, all your desires will come to you naturally when the timing is right. You do not even have to focus on anything and any of them except of loving yourself and FEELING GOOD. That´s the ultimate goal and this is how we define true success at the University of Love & Inspiration. And I am so happy you are part of this community.



Share with me any of your thoughts or questions in the comments, I am happy to reply and connect with you.


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