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How self-love helped me heal

I was wondering the other day about my own self-love journey, when did it begin, how did I feel first, how did I practise it, how did I express myself through it and eventually how I learned to EMBODY self-love.

Wow. What a journey it has been. Still is. As it is never ending. How beautiful and challenging at the same time. Right?

To face yourself, your fears, your traumas, your passions, your hidden sides of you. How beautiful and challenging is it actually to give yourself permission to let go of the past, step out of the victim role and start to re-parent yourself, to serve yourself, to accept yourself, to understand yourself, to explore all sides of you.

To me, it was the year 2016 when I knew I was gonna choose something better for myself. I was gonna actually choose change because I deserve better. No matter how hard it seemed.

It was December and I just got fired from my 9to5 job. I asked for a raise and they said goodbye. What a slap in the face - I thought back then. Little did I know that it was the beginning of my healing and self-love journey, a direct path to finding my true calling.

Today self-love means to me:

  • Waking up and feel love for myself because I want to. I want to be my own mother, mentor, best friend and soulmate. I want to be kind to myself first and foremost. I want to speak to myself in a positive way because I want my inner world to be peaceful. Because I know, only then I may serve others and shower them with my own light and happiness - the most valuable gifts we may give our loved ones and the whole world

  • Do things that make me feel good because feeling good is the ultimate goal and the biggest manifestation

  • Meditate and feel clarity, ease and connected to that unified field called LOVE

  • Love myself midst of any challenge and situation where I might not be my "best self"

  • Love all parts of me that want to come to the surface because "hey I´m not here to play some good girl role all the time and stay silent"

  • Give myself time to heal no matter what the circumstances

The last two are big ones for me. Because they were the most challenging. My two biggest acts of self-love on my journey were to GIVE MYSELF TIME TO HEAL AND TO LEARN TO LOVE ALL PARTS OF ME.

As a takeaway for today, I would like to tell you this:

  1. Love yourself enough to know that you have plenty of time to heal and everything that is truly meant for you and to be in your life, will find its way back to you, no matter what. There are plenty of opportunities, nothing can be missed that is yours. Your desires are a manifesto, you are here to live them and express yourself through them. - I truly hope you find a healthy relationship with time as it is only a construct, an illusion and you define it, you give meaning to it.

  2. Accept that you are a colorful rainbow. You have so many sides, you can play so many different roles and characters, you can even have so much fun with all that and be playful. But first, you have to understand that you are a forever changing being with your "ugly and beautiful parts" , you have to be every version of yourself and embrace it all, it is the only way to live a fulfilled and authentic life.

Your turn:

Tell me about Your self-love journey so far. How did it help you heal? What has been difficult? What did you learn? How did you grow? Comment below, let us connect with each other in a meaningful, vulnerable way.

Love, Ani 🦋


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