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Image by Annie Spratt

Selflove & Lifedesign
by Anita Brocka, Msc

"Embody Your Ideal Self &
 Design a Brand New Life"

Image by Annie Spratt

like the person you want to be.
That person is already You.

I´m Anita.

I´m a manifestation expert, communication scientist, personal development trainer and academic mentor. 


MY MISSION is to teach You how to embody your Ideal Self  (the person you want to be) so that you can create a new way of being thus manifest your deepest desires and a brand new life!

Through my studies, life experience and manifestation journey I´ve became my own scientist and established a transformative 3 phase program, called `Design Your Life`, where we address your emotions, language and body and shift them. 

The goal is not to manifest a specific desire but to manifest a new self, a new OBSERVER, who already has what you want. WE START AT THE END, with the wish fulfilled.

Image by Annie Spratt


  • You wake up and you feel EXCITEMENT for the day ahead

  • You feel at EASE and LOVE for yourself 

  • You feel INSPIRED to get up, create and serve - because you lead a MEANINGFUL life and love what you do

  • You feel CONFIDENT - because you know who you are, what you want and what you deserve 

  • You feel at PEACE - because you learned to soothe your emotions, navigate your inner conversations and trust your intuition 

  • You feel FULFILLED because you know your desires are yours and meant to be

I show you how and I support you on this transformative journey



A conscious, meaningful, fulfilled life

Personal development trainer, mentor & communication scientist Anita Brocka, MPhil shares how you can design a brand new life through the power of self-love and the language we live in. 

She teaches you how to embody your ideal self and show up every day like the person you want to be in order to manifest your deepest desires and live a conscious, meaningful and fulfilled life. 

"You have to make living in the end of your desire a lifestyle and practice that version of you as long as you are one with it"


Guided Meditations

"Practise connecting to your new SELF & live in the state of your desire with closed and wide eyes open"

"Meditation has changed the game for me. It has been integrated in my routine since 2017. I was a restless, always-on-the-go type of person, it wasn´t easy for me to just sit down and BE.

Until I´ve literally FORCED MYSELF..."

This personalised meditation will feel like home, a safe, sacred space to come back to, anytime you need it, anytime you feel like "falling back" into the old self and old story. 

It is for you:

- If you want to learn how to connect with your ideal self and live in your desire,

- If you want to feel more ease and clarity in your life,

- If you want to have a safe, sacred space you can always come back home to and connect with your true power


Self-Love Sunday Newsletter 

"Through my journey, Self-Love was not neccessary for manifestating my desires BUT I could only keep and live my desires once I started to truly embody self-love and give myself the utmost love every single day.

That vibration got me to a place where I was in constant connection with my most ideal self. And that ideal self matched the vibration of all my desires. I kept myself the promise to think-feel-act every day like the person I wanted to be. And that´s where my reality SHIFTED.

What People Say

(Health Coach

Alone the fact that you are so open-minded and have an abundant way of thinking, made me shift into somebody who no longer has any blocks around money nor subscribes to any limiting, self-sabotaging belief around money. For me personally this was the most difficult task and pattern to break. Thank you for your guidance! 

(Theatre, Film and Media Studies
University of Vienna)

Du bist schließlich die Frau, die mir so viel über Selbstliebe beigebracht hat und durch deine Art und Weise endlose Hoffnung geschenkt hat wodurch ich endlich begreifen konnte, dass ich tatsächlich in der Lage bin alles zu erreichen. So wie du sagtest, es liegt bereits alles in meinen Händen und ich habe die Wahl mich jeden Tag darüber zu entscheiden wer ich bin. Ich danke dir.

(Journalism & Communication Studies
University of Vienna)

Danke Dir Anita für die professionelle und gleichzeitig sehr freundliche Unterstützung und Atmosphäre, die du jedes Mal bei unseren Gesprächen kreiert hast. Ich habe mich bei dir von Anfang an sehr aufgehoben gefühlt.  Deine  praktische Tipps haben mir  sehr viel geholfen, sei es beim Lebenslauf, effektive Kommunikation oder Sales Skills. Dank unserer Zusammenarbeit konnte ich einen tollen Praktikumsplatz bekommen. Nach so vielen Versuchen, nach so viel "NEIN" fühle ich mich endlich angekommen und stolz.

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