Training & Mentoring

guiding you through your academic journey 


Vision and Mission

To guide the university youth to a state of clarity, confidence and ease so they can achieve long-term goals easier and faster

To build a fostering, open minded and international community where they feel safe, understood, inspired and in unity with the right tribe.


 Your individual mentorship

in 3 main areas you can choose from:

University Life - Career Design - Entrepreneurship & Founding 

This program is for you if you have a long-term goal but struggle to achieve it, don´t know how to break it down into small-more-achievable pieces, how to stay focused and committed the next few years.

So easy to get lost. To be drifted aways from your original plan. 10 years later you look back and you wish you had more stamina, the right tribe, someone beside you who showed you exactly, step by step how to run the marathon until you eventually cross the finish line. 

For more focus, confidence, clarity

Receive the following: 

  • 45 min clarity session with me 

  • 5-8 min personalised self-soothing meditation (recorded voice material via email, life-long access) 

  • living in the state of your desire

  • my personal easy-going meditation tips 


Your "Mix & Match" 6 weeks program

This program is not only but especially for those of you who just began with their studies and university life. Challenges, orientation, confusion, endless possibilities, pressure, schedules, time management, prioritizing... OMG.

I´ve been there and now you are. 

If you want to master your first semester and every single university year with more ease and clarity then this 6 weeks program is for you.