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Image by Annie Spratt

Think - Feel - Act 
like your Ideal Self; that person is already you


Vision and Mission - of 
the Anita Brocka Mindset

First and foremost The Anita Brocka Mindset is all about: 

  1. Self-Love

  2. Raw, real, authentic self expression

  3. 100% Open-Mindedness 

  4. FUN 

  5. Vulnerability, connection & heartful communication

  6. The belief that we are able to create our own reality and rise, regardless of any hardship we might experience

  7. The belief that we are one, connected through the one and only power in this Universe: LOVE 

  8. The belief that we are able to heal ourselves 

  9. The belief that science and spirituality are the same - As long as we act upon our highest passion

  10. The belief that we can do or be or have anything in life


"As a communication scientist I am a huge believer in THE POWER OF LANGUAGE., how we humans communicate with self and each other. This is what I studied, researched and breathed for so many years.


I made it to my mission to teach You how to embody your ideal self (the person you want to be) through the power of language (think-feel-act) so that you can create a new way of being thus a brand new life!

Image by Annie Spratt

My 1:1 signature program
`Design Your Life`

 "Love yourself enough to Think-Feel-Act like the person 

you want to be, that person is already you"

... and I am going to show you how to EMBODY that person,

that way of being, that state of being.

In my 3 phase program we address 3 areas: 


All this make us human.


We think (language), we feel (emotions) 

and we act (our physical body). And then we behave. We can only create real, long-lasting change when we get to the root and create a new OBSERVER, who behaves (thinks-feels-acts) like the person

he/she wants to be. 

Image by Annie Spratt

Leadership Training & Mentorship

Throughout my entrepreneurial background as a personal development trainer and through many years of experience in the hospitality industry I identified the biggest missing link, which is communication and the social connection between people and their `Way of Being´ with both guests and co-workers.

You see, at the center of everything we do is our human being, our ´Way of Being´, from which we lead our own world and/or others as well. Our way of being is based on deeply rooted beliefs, assumptions, perceptions, habits and most likely unconscious behaviour patterns. We are acting and re-acting on autopilot, not being mindful and aware of our actions, behaviour and leadership towards self or others.

In order to become a successful creator and leader of our lives, we have to shift into a new observer who sees he world differently and immediately has way more possibilities and tools to use. Being aware is the first step. Training the new self and the leader in us is the ultimate step and solution for truly sustainable change! 

As a personal development mentor and professional hostess I have been living both my passions in the past decade and I realised over these years that the combination of both of them, gives me a very unique way and opportunity to improve employees lives and elevate the customer experience in the hospitality industry and I am deeply passionate about supporting industry leaders and hospitality professionals and take their companies to a whole new level of success.

Image by Annie Spratt

"Practise connecting to your IDEAL SELF & live in the state of your desire with closed and wide eyes open"

 You will receive the following from me in/after our session: 

  • 60 min clarity session about you, where you stand in life right now & on your self-discovery journey, what is your current, deepest desire. And most importantly we will define and create YOUR NEW IDEAL SELF that is accessible to you now!

  • 5-8 min personalised self-soothing `living in the state of your desire meditation` within 48 hours after our session (recorded voice material via email, life-long access) 

  • This meditation will feel like home, a safe, sacred space to come back to, anytime you need it, anytime you feel like "falling back" into the old self and old story 


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