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Image by Annie Spratt

Think - Feel - Act 
like your Ideal Self; that person is already you


Vision and Mission - of 
the Anita Brocka Mindset

First and foremost The Anita Brocka Mindset is all about: 

  1. Self-Love

  2. Raw, real, authentic self expression

  3. 100% Freedom & Open-Mindedness

  4. The belief that we are able to create our own reality and rise, regardless of any hardship we might experience


"As a communication scientist I am a huge believer in THE POWER OF LANGUAGE., how we humans communicate with self and each other. This is what I studied, researched and breathed for so many years.


I made it to my mission to teach You how to embody your ideal self (the person you want to be) through the power of language (think-feel-act) so that you can create a new way of being thus a brand new life!

I´ve established a transformative 3 phase program, called `Design Your Life` in order to support you in living a consciousmeaninfgul, fulfilled and authentic life full of clarity, self-love & confidence".

Image by Annie Spratt

My 1:1 signature program
`Design Your Life`

 "Love yourself enough to Think-Feel-Act like the person 

you want to be, that person is already you"

... and I am going to show you how to EMBODY that person,

that way of being, that state of being.

In my 3 phase program we address 3 areas: 


All this make us human.


We think (language), we feel (emotions) 

and we act (our physical body). And then we behave. We can only create real, long-lasting change when we get to the root and create a new OBSERVER, who behaves (thinks-feels-acts) like the person

he/she wants to be. 


I was introduced to this powerful methodology when I was studying communication science. It truly changed how I looked at life, how I observed things and it helped me understand who I was and who I can be anytime.

Many years later, after researching this topic to it´s depth, I was able to create a new life for myself, a NEW IDENTITY and personal REALITY. Simply by changing my SELF-CONCEPT. 

Now, I am helping you to change yours by embodying the person you want to be- through the POWER OF LANGUAGE and selflove.

Image by Annie Spratt

"Practise connecting to your IDEAL SELF & live in the state of your desire with closed and wide eyes open"

 You will receive the following from me in/after our session: 

  • 60 min clarity session about you, where you stand in life right now & on your self-discovery journey, what is your current, deepest desire. And most importantly we will define and create YOUR NEW IDEAL SELF that is accessible to you now!

  • 5-8 min personalised self-soothing `living in the state of your desire meditation` within 48 hours after our session (recorded voice material via email, life-long access) 

  • This meditation will feel like home, a safe, sacred space to come back to, anytime you need it, anytime you feel like "falling back" into the old self and old story 


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