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Image by Hayley Maxwell

Ideal Self Session + Personalised Guided Meditation

"Practise connecting to your new SELF & live in the state of your desire with closed and wide eyes open"

Meditation has changed the game for me. It has been integrated in my routine since 2017. I was a restless, always-on-the-go type of person, it wasn´t easy for me to just sit down and BE.


Until I´ve literally FORCED MYSELF.  Until I´ve realised it is my ego that wants me to be alert, in control all the time. Until I´ve consciously created a so called MEDITATION CORNER in my home.

It´s beautiful, peaceful, a clean space to sit, pray and contemplate.

"Meditation is always a different experience"

Forcing myself to just BE was more than necessary, it was back then when I started this creative journey, producing content, putting myself out there, showing up every single day...


things started to go OUT OF CONTROL, there were so many new things and challenges I had to face all alone, there were confusing moments, it was easy to get lost and distracted.


My soul was craving for more CLARITY and slowing down.

I started to do yoga and every time I finished, I went to my meditation corner to sit calmly even though it felt strange, even though I had no idea how to meditate "properly". 


Until I´ve realized there is no proper way, I FOUND MY OWN WAY TO "CONNECT".

In my personalised meditation session I want to share with you HOW to make meditation work for you so you´ll even have fun with it.





Kind of my favourite words. We all ARE these words. But not always. Meditation gives us access to them, to feel them, to be them, to live through them.


When I meditate, I am not always able to get to a state where I am thoughtless or do not feel my nose and the space around me. Yes, I had those deep experiences too but I learned to not put any pressure on myself. I learned to just sit and BE with myself and any thought or emotion that comes to the surface. I let them come and go. That´s it. 

On the other hand, I have to admit that I am also a huge fan of self -soothing, GUIDED MEDITATIONS, where I focus on a voice, on the high vibrating words, I feel elevated emotions and I am able to connect to my HIGHER SELF and FEEL MY OWN LOVE. Nothing is more beautiful than that. This is my favourite type of meditation, to connect with my ideal self and my desire on purpose.

Every day I envision the best version of me, my ideal and DESIRED STATE so I can begin/continue my day in the absolute utmost faith that all is working out for my highest good.

Meditation, IMAGINING OUR FUTURE SELF is the first step for LONG-LASTING CHANGE and transformation. It helps us focus our attention on the powerful now, so we can get out of old and familiar thought patterns. It helps us restructure our brain, be more conscious, be the observer of our thoughts and our lives. 

In the past few years I´ve not only listened to many wonderful guided meditations but I also felt inspired to create some. 












- If you want to learn how to connect with your ideal self and live in your desire,

- If you want to feel more ease and clarity in your life,

- If you want to have a safe, sacred space you can always come back home to and connect with your true power 


Image by Annie Spratt

Schedule Your
60 min 1:1 Ideal Self Session + Personalised Meditation


You will receive the following from me in/after our session: 

  • 60 min clarity session about you, where you stand in life right now & on your self-discovery journey, what is your current, deepest desire. And most importantly we will define and create YOUR NEW IDEAL SELF that is accessible to you now!

  • 5-8 min personalised self-soothing `living in the state of your desire meditation` within 48 hours after our session (recorded voice material via email, life-long access) 

  • This meditation will feel like home, a safe, sacred space to come back to, anytime you need it, anytime you feel like "falling back" into the old self and old story 

  • Through the practise of this guided meditation you will be able to feel more ease, confidence, clarity and love towards yourself. Through the elevated emotions during the meditation you will shift your vibration and you will be connecting with your ideal self and desired reality on purpose thus you will experience changes and real transformation both in your inner and outter world

  • Session and meditation can be booked in German or English language


Price: Eur 224,-

Yoga at Home
Image by Hayley Maxwell

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Marc L. (Sydney)

"Hey Anita, sooo loved your meditation. It takes a very very gifted person to be able to do what you did here. Loved it. My arm is recovering at the moment, you and your meditation soothed and inspired me alot. Thank you again! Your special"

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