"It is March 2019, just landed in Miami. The weather is amazing. Client is waiting for me. I should be happy. But I´m not. Something is missing. I promise myself to push through the next 2 weeks and never come back again alone." (from my diary)

I´ve always had a very strong international background and mindset. Growing up as a minority, with two languages, three different countries. I never really felt home, never had any roots, the sense of belonging was deeply missing, I just did not know about that. I was always an expat, foreigner everywhere yet I found my way and because of my strong will and work ethic I was able to create opportunities for myself.

Still... without roots, without really knowing who you are, without a HOME, you will always question yourself, your identity and purpose just like I did.


Coming HOME

The last 5 years were turbulent, just like those Vie-Mia flights. There were moments I thought it´s The End.

When I got fired from my nine-to-five congress management job in 2016 I knew I was never gonna return to a corporate lifestyle. What I did not know was that a path of true healing, empowerement,

self discovery, creativity, freedom and SELF-REALISATION was ahead of me. 

First I got fired, then I quit, I rebelled, there was no going back! One thing led to another... I did not even have the time to process everything... It was all so exciting, so new, so creative and for the first time in my life I was living fully and authentically. I could do whatever I wanted to do!

I was in the process of launching my own business, while constantly working on myself, searching for inspiration and the right tribe to push me forward on my new creative, open-minded, emotional rollercoaster journey.

I had some savings so I travelled, explored, networked, went through the most mind-blowing experiences. But I was lonely, travel meant more escaping than exploring. Thankfully I could not escape my own HEALING...


...and suddenly "the student was ready and the MENTOR appeared". Little Ani was truly coming HOME. 

My life & work

I gave myself time to heal (still doing the work) from something I am not yet ready to talk about. I had to slow down, there was no other alternative. I had to stop working and "give up" my business. I did not know how long was it gonna take me to get back on track, to feel inspired agein and confident enough to continue my journey and serve others. I closed my social media accounts and disappeared. 

Slowly, after 2 years I ...

i re structured my business, 

Something led me to the youth, back to university.. 

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Facts & Fun

  • I launched my business, the Anita Brocka Mindset on January 1, 2018  officially as a mentor and trainer in the field of communication

  • Masters in Journalism & Communication (MPhil /Magistra der Philosophie University of Vienna, 2012) 

  • NLP Practitioner and Trainer 

  • Certified Wedding Planner & Event Manager 

  • Born in Slovakia, raised in Hungary, created in Austria, in love with USA 

  • Volunteer at Caritas Österreich 

  • Alumna, Mentor and Researcher on University of Vienna

  • Ambivert, INFJ, Cancerian

  • Proud supporter and advocate of the LGBTQ community - we are all one! Freedom is our birthright 


  • I speak 4 languages none of them perfect

  • I only worked 2,5 years full-time in a corporate job.. and it was more than enough :))

  • My dogs Polly & Didi are true life companions since 2012