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"It is March 2019, just landed in Miami. The weather is amazing. Client is waiting for me. I should be happy. But I´m not. Something is missing. I promise myself to push through the next 2 weeks and never come back again alone." (from my diary)

I´ve always had a very strong international background and mindset. Growing up as a minority, with two languages, three different countries. I never really felt home, never had any roots, the sense of belonging was deeply missing, I just did not know about that. I was always an expat, foreigner everywhere yet I found my way and because of my strong will and work ethic I was able to create opportunities for myself.

Still... without roots, without really knowing who you are, without a HOME, you will always question yourself, your identity and purpose just like I did.


Coming HOME

My eraly thirties were pretty turbulent, just like those Vie-Mia flights. There were moments I thought it´s The End for me.

When I got fired from my nine-to-five congress management job in 2017 I knew I was never gonna return to a 9-5 lifestyle. What I did not know was that a path of true healing, empowerement,

self discovery, creativity, freedom and SELF-REALISATION was ahead of me. 

First I got fired, then I quit, I rebelled, there was no going back anymore! One thing led to another... I did not even have the time to process everything... It was all so exciting, so new, so creative and for the first time in my life I was living fully and authentically. I could do whatever I wanted to do!

I was in the process of launching my own business, while constantly working on myself, searching for inspiration and the right tribe to push me forward on my new creative, open-minded, emotional rollercoaster journey.

I had some savings so I travelled, explored, networked, went through the most mind-blowing experiences. But I was lonely, traveling meant more escaping than exploring. Thankfully I could not escape my own HEALING...

...and finally, in March 2019 the student was ready and the MENTOR appeared. Little Ani was truly coming HOME. That was the beginning of a huge shift and spiritual awakening.


After many years of deep soul healing journey (I stopped my business, got myself a part-time job,  closed my social media accounts and lived off my credit cards!) I slowly started to get back on track. I hit rock bottom and it was pointless to fight.

I had to learn to love myself and give myself time to actually heal my deepest wounds I did not even know about. I had to heal and understand who I was, what limiting beliefs and IDENTITY I created about myself, and only then I was able to RE-WRITE MY OWN STORY, shift into the person I wanted to become and embody that self every day. 

As a communication scientist I am a huge believer in THE POWER OF LANGUAGE. This is what I studied, researched and breathed for so many years. Through my entrepreneurial journey I was guided back to communication research and an impressive self-coaching methodology I learned about when I studied.  

During my university years I was introduced to the study of our way of being, to the study of our soul, called ontology. The most important premise of ontology states that we all are unique observes and life can only be internally experienced, and that is a forever changing process and becoming, just like our state of being. If we change the OBSERVER who we are, we are then able to design a new life for ourselves. 


I made it to my mission to teach about our way of being, how we function as humans, how we can change the observer who we are, precisely our whole WAY OF BEING.

I am teaching you how to EMBODY (think-feel-act) the person you want to beso that you can create a new personality and personal reality for yourself.

The goal is not to manifest a specific desire but to manifest a new self, a new observer.

I´ve put together a 3 phase transformational program, called

`Design Your Lifein order to support you in living a consciousmeaninfgul and  fulfilled life.


Facts & Fun

  • I launched my business, the Anita Brocka Mindset e.U. on January 1, 2018  

  • Masters in Journalism & Communication Science (MPhil /Magistra der Philosophie University of Vienna, 2012) 

  • Certified Wedding Planner & Event Manager 

  • Born in Slovakia, raised in Hungary, created in Austria, at home in the USA

  • Volunteer at Caritas Österreich 

  • Alumna, Mentor @ University of Vienna

  • Cancer(sun)/Leo(rising)/Scorpio(moon)

  • Proudest ally and advocate of the LGBTQIA community - we are all one! Freedom and love is our birthright 


  • I speak 4 languages none of them perfect

  • My dogs Polly & Didi are true life companions since 2012

  • I´m an open book but my private life is a secret and sacred union :)

  • DANCE - me flowing freely is healing & the biggest act of self-love 

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