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Design your Life

"Love yourself enough to 
like the person you want to be"




  • You wake up and you feel EXCITEMENT for the day ahead

  • You feel at EASE and LOVE for yourself 

  • You feel INSPIRED to get up, create and serve - because you lead a MEANINGFUL life and love what you do

  • You feel CONFIDENT - because you know who you are, what you want and what you deserve 

  • You feel at PEACE - because you learned to soothe your emotions, navigate your inner conversations and trust your intuition 

  • You feel FULFILLED because you know your desires are yours and meant to be

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...I know that you know it is all possible. Alone the fact that you could imagine it makes it possible, because we first imagine then create. If you do not believe it is all possible, is also fine. I had to change my whole belief system, LEARN TO LOVE MYSELF first and then SHIFT INTO A NEW WAY OF BEING (personality) in order to believe that hell yes anything I want is indeed possible! 

I am dedicated and inspired to teach and explain you how.

We live in LANGUAGE.

We are like fish in water, not even aware of the power of language we live in. We constantly create STORIES about ourselves, others and the whole world. We OBSERVE. We interpret. We share our perspectives through language. 

Basically, we cannot not communicate - whether we want it or not. We think, we feel, we act. We read each other and give MEANING to everything based on the OBSERVER THAT WE ARE. This observer behaves (thinks, feels, acts) based on his/her life experiences.

This observer (YOU) has certain perceptions and attitudes towards life. This observer has strong patterns and a belief system about everything.


Most likely these PATTERNS & BELIEFS are limiting and we are not even aware of them, as they were passed on from our parents into our subconscious memory. All this stored information lives in us and we haven´t even questioned them. We have been living on autopilot and we automatically act out of our parents beliefs EXCEPT WE SEEK NEW ONES.  


1. Becoming Conscious: we need to be aware first of our behaviour, beliefs, attitudes, perceptions etc. 

2. Becoming the Observer: we need to become the observer of our self and of our own life instead of being the judger 

3. Embodying the new/ideal self: we are able to design a new life and a new way of being through imagining and connecting with that ideal self every day and practising the behaviour (thinking-feeling-acting) of that ideal version of us - we have access to that self at any moment of time


  • Who am I right now? 

  • What am I doing? 

  • What am I thinking?

  • How do I feel? (What are some emotions I am feeling now?)

  • What kind of routines do I follow in my day? 

  • How is my self-talk?

  • How do I show up right now in the world?

  • What do I do now, what do I plan as next? 



...most of us are scared of the unknown, no matter how beautiful it could be. We are dreaming, right? We say "one day I´ll be or do this" ... then we wait. We postpone. We find excuses.

We do it because we are scared. We rather stay where we are, even though we are not happy. But it is okay cause it´s comfortable and known to us. We literally kill our desires every day by making decesions based on what is and not on what could be!!! 

We are on autopilot, thinking the same thoughts over and over, reacting to the same things (news, job etc) and we are losing control. We are like a robot.

Instead we could make some time to CREATE, to create consciously, to imagine more, to visualize our best life a bit more. We think it is not possible because of our environment, cause "hey there is nobody in my family who is truly happy with their job and living their purpose... who am I to question anything and start over?!"


You are a Life Designer

You are the conscious creator of your own experience

You are the person you want to be now

Look how:

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Desing Your Life
Think - Feel - Act


 "Love yourself enough to Think-Feel-Act like the person 

you want to become, that person is already you"

... and I am going to show you how to EMBODY that person,

that way of being, that state of being.

In my 3 phase signature program `Design Your Life` we address 3 areas: 


All this make us human.

We think (language), we feel (emotions) 

and we act (our physical body). And then we behave. We can only create real, long-lasting change when we get to the root and create a new OBSERVER, who behaves (thinks-feels-acts) like the person he/she wants to be. 


I was introduced to this powerful methodology when I was studying communication science. It truly changed how I looked at life, how I observed things and it helped me understand who I was.

Many years later, after researching this topic to it´s depth, I was able to create a new life for myself, a NEW IDENTITY and personal REALITY.  Simply by changing my self-concept. 

Now, I am helping you to change yours by embodying the person you want to be - through the POWER OF LANGUAGE & SELF-LOVE.


In my 3 phase program we address 3 areas
of your way of being & shift them


1st month

We will create a whole new  VOCABULARY for you and let go of limiting words, beliefs, programming
We will focus on a positive self-talk, create a healthy inner world and STORY about you and your life.



2nd month

You will learn about feelings, emotions, MOODS
How to sit with emotions
How to allow them to come and pass by without getting triggered or judgemental.
How to SOOTHE them and connect with elevated emotions on purpose in order to move and SHIFT your personal reality



3rd month

We will shift your physical body.  Examine your body language, posture, your WALK.
You will learn how to connect with your body properly (through dance/MOTION, meditation, breathwork) and get out of your analytical, overthinking mind. 


Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Annie Spratt





This program is for you if:

  • You consciously seek change in your life, whether it is leaving 9to5, moving to another country, wanting a blossoming relationship or starting your own business.
    I repeat, it can literally be any kind of change and/or desire of yours. Since we are shifting YOU into a new observer, into your ideal self and that self already has what you want.


  • 3 months training & mentorship*

  • 6x60 min session online 

  • Audio guidance**

  • 1 follow up email between the sessions***

  • 1 personalised guided meditation****

  • (Possible in German & English language) 

* We have 2 sessions each month and we dive into the 3 areas mentioned above (body.language,emotions). You receive knowledge, tasks, training and we gradually shift you into your ideal self.

**Audio Guidance: If you feel stuck or you need some extra support because you feel like falling back to your old state and story, I will be there for you answering your questions via voice message within 48 hours. I offer this additional guidance because the change/transformation might cause discomfort mentally, spiritually and physically - I will help you get through this. 

***Follow up emails: are here for the tasks you receive at the end of every session

****Please read here more about the personalised meditation you will receive after our first session. IMPORTANT: If we have already worked together and/or you have booked a personalised meditation, you receive a discount of 220,- EUR.  


  • You will be the ideal version of you that matches the frequency of all your desires. Remember: There is nothing and nobody to change but your self-concept 

  • You will feel more peace within, clarity, self-love and confidence 

  • You will have a stable, unshakable foundation within knowing who you truly are 

  • You will have a positive self-talk and self-image

  • You will be able to make decisions easier and in a more intuitive way

  • You will have deeper, more meaningful relationships with yourself, with others and the universe 

  • You will be able to show up more authentically and speak your truth from the heart

  • You will be a better person living a conscious, meaningful and fulfilled life 

    Price: 3220 Eur,- *

    *pay in one or 3x separate partial payments each month á Eur 1100,- possible

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Victoria, 26
Health Coach 

Alone the fact that you are so open-minded and have such an abundant way of thinking, made me shift into somebody who no longer has any blocks around money. For me, this was the most difficult task. Thank you!

Du bist schließlich die Frau, die mir so viel über Selbstliebe beigebracht hat und durch deine Art und Weise endlose Hoffnung geschenkt hat wodurch ich endlich begreifen konnte, dass ich tatsächlich in der Lage bin alles zu erreichen. So wie du sagtest, es liegt bereits alles in meinen Händen und ich habe die Wahl mich jeden Tag darüber zu entscheiden wer ich bin. Ich danke dir. Hab dich lieb.

I can´t believe how simple this all is! I have to admit though it was not easy for me to constantly shift back to my most ideal self when circumstances were not in my favour. It took a lot of patience, courage and persistance to follow through in faith. Thank you for supporting me through this journey and not allowing me to fall back and believe any of my old stories. I´m DONE. I´ve burnt the bridge behind me and my self-concept has never been stronger! My confidence in me is unshakable!

Fan, 22
Universität Wien

Rahul, 34



Start loving yourself first and foremost so you can follow through change and be willing to behave like the person you´ve always wanted to be. There is no time. There is no space. You can connect with your ideal self right here right now and practise that way of being, state of being every day as long as things start to move in your experience and as your inner world and self changes, the whole world will reflect that.

Make loving yourself and living in the wish fulfilled the ultimate LIFESTYLE    

   You are more than worth it.


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