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Self-Love & Lifedesign Podcast

Generation Z mentor, personal development trainer & communication scientist Anita Brocka, MPhil shares in this podcast how you can embody the person you want to be (Ideal Self) and design a conscious, meaningful, fulfilled life. 

Through her studies, life experience and manifestation journey she developed a deeply transformative program and way of thinking that lies upon a powerful and thought provoking belief system: 

"You have to make living in the end of your desires a lifestyleand practice that reality and version of you as long as you become one with it"

Trailer: Introducing 
"Self-Love & Lifedesign"

Young adulthood can be ... well...let´s say CONFUSING! 

Studying, carreer, endless opportunities, peer pressure, competition both on social media and "real life", anxiety, frustration, insecurity  and so much more...

 ...and the worst part is: You´re really supposed to figure it all out on your own?!

My name is Anita Brocka, development trainer & communication scientist Anita Brocka, MPhil shares how you can design a brand new life through the power of self-love and the laguage we live in. 

She teaches you how to embody your ideal self and show up every day like the person you want to be in order to manifest your deepest desires and live a conscious, meaningful and fulfilled life.


leading and living a CONSCIOUS life means simply not being on autopilot. Not being held as hostage to our old programs and conditioning.

It means to become self-aware about our belief system, our choices, how we observe life, what attitudes and perspectives we hold and why. 

It means to make conscious decisions every day from a place of love, not fear. And last but not least it means to consciously create change and long lasting transformation in our lives because we want it. 

Have you ever asked yourself "Do I lead a meaningful life?" - I do not know what truly gives MEANING to you in life but I hope you feel fulfilled doing what you are doing. I hope you feel like you are living your purpose and the work you do every day is meaningful. Because you love it. Because you are passionate about it. Because you feel aligned with it.

I also hope that you are FULFILLED. Full of love towards yourself and others. Filled with passion and compassion. Full of confidence and trust in life. Filled with joy and gratitude. 

This is the life I want you to have, because you deserve it. This is the life I am choosing to live day by day. A conscious life of meaning and fulfillment. 

Click here & listen to the podcast. 

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