Bye bye 9-5 lifestyle, welcome entrepreneurship!

It's raining... All windows are open in my beautiful home, a place I create value every day and find shelter every time I feel overwhelmed in this fast-paced world. I am sitting at my desk, looking out the window on my tiny green garden (wanting to close the umbrella and bring the cushions inside, but cannot get up - just enjoying this peaceful moment)... heavy raindrops fall, it is getting cold, but love the feeling because it connects me much more with nature and the whole universe. I feel free!

It's so still, although the sound of rain is powerful! It smells so good outside, so fresh and clean, so lovely! I would love to jump out my chair and run out to the garden and sing, dance and feel ONE with mother nature! I used to do that a lot when I was a child. I grew up next to a wonderful, huge lake that gave me the chance to feel part of nature all the time. I took long walks or bike tours around the lake after school, when it got warmer I went to swim and enjoyed the fresh water on my skin. I literally dived into happiness!

Oh boy, am I excited now! I've just had to reflect on the past one month, in which I've decided to quit my wonderful full-time job as a project manager, travelling across Europe, organising amazing seminars, being able to network with wonderful people from all around the world. Yes, I've decided to make my dreams come true and live the life I've always wanted: a life on my own terms, helping others realise their full potential and solving their puzzle as a self-love and ontology coach.

Probably this was the biggest decision in my life so far, which was NOT difficult at all, but rather extremely scary and overwhelming, acting completely out of comfort zone and pushing towards my deepest dreams and goals I have been seeking for so long. Now it's DONE, I've made it, took the first real step towards entrepreneurship, I've hired myself and will not ever look back!!! I was waiting too long, I was hiding the real me, a free spirit I've always been. It is about time to say goodbye and to explore new, fruitful paths.

I am now so thrilled to know where I will be next year at this time? I truly don't know the answer, I just know that it's gonna blow me away as I'm getting closer and closer to my goals and dreams every day. I am so optimistic, so happy to start over and I can assure you, I dreamt really really really big! It's already so big that it scares me, but since I've decided to live a life beyond fear, being scared only inspires and motivates me to do even more every single day.

It honestly does not matter where exactly I will be next year, it only matters that I am able to unfold, to grow every day both spiritually and as a person, that I can explore myself and try out new ways. I want to see the world, connect with like-minded people, I want to break free, I want to feel what freedom feels like and most importantly, I want to spread, show and teach LOVE all over the world.

Never forget to #spreadlove and #masteryourmind

With love always,


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